Established in 2015, Solosix is a Los Angeles based knitwear brand created by Nikki Chapman. Nikki graduated in 2005 with a BA (hons) in Fashion Design from Kingston University, London and has since worked in Italy, Hong Kong and LA. She draws inspiration from her English upbringing, travel, vintage knitwear and architecture.

“I started Solosix after growing tired of working for brands that paid no attention to the damaging impact that their fabrics and process had on the environment. After 10 years in the industry I knew I needed to advocate for a change in the way we make clothes, and so Solosix was born.”


We only use natural, biodegradable yarns that have been made with as little impact on the earth as possible, and we’re dedicated to discovering new materials and methods that adhere to these standards. We seek transparency in our partners to ensure every person involved in the process is treated fairly and respectfully.


We’re motivated by original sources and do not restrict our creativity to “trends” or hype. Our aesthetic is influenced by classic sportswear and traditional knitting techniques, putting a modern touch to this century-old craft. we praise effortless versatility with a playful attitude, believing that each piece should be timeless, but never dull.