Solosix is driven by the desire to create unique,
authentic knitwear using sustainable methods.
In every detail of the process, from design to production,
we always strive for integrity.


We only use natural, biodegradable yarns that have been made with as little impact on the earth as possible, and we’re dedicated to discovering new materials and methods that adhere to these standards. We seek transparency in our partners to ensure every person involved in the process is treated fairly and respectfully.


We’re motivated by original sources and do not restrict our creativity to “trends” or hype. Our aesthetic is influenced by classic sportswear and traditional knitting techniques, putting a modern touch to this century-old craft. we praise effortless versatility with a playful attitude, believing that each piece should be timeless, but never dull.


Solosix women are unapologetically themselves. They are human, embracing their imperfections and flaws. They are curious and spirited, sophisticated and silly, adventurous and unafraid to get their hands dirty. For them, fashion is not a frivolous escape; it’s a genuine expression of who they are and what they believe.